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Turkish cook extends the shelf life of bread

Turkish cook Gürsel Tırpan has been able to extend shelf life of bread up to 20 days by using products in accordance with Turkish Food Codex standards such as olives, eggs and sour salt in the laboratory environment.

Young Turkish cook Gürsel Tırpan extends the shelf life of the bread with natural additives and increases the protein and calcium nutrients of bread. According to the statement by Nevvar Salih İşgören Foundation, Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School culinary graduate Tırpan, while preparing for the university entrance exam for the field of gastronomy, on the one hand, carried out studies in the laboratory to increase the shelf life of bread with natural products without additives.
As a result of the studies carried out in the laboratory of the Department of Chemical Engineering of Ege University (EU) for 9 months, by using products such as olive, egg and sour salt, he not only enriched the bread in protein and calcium but also extended shelf life with natural products for 20 days in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex standards. He stated that he carried out his works under the consultancy of Oğuz Bayraktar, professor of chemical engineering at Ege University and applied for a patent. If the new model of production spread, bread waste will be reduced, millions of dollars will be saved, Turkey’s foreign trade deficit will decrease due to a reduction in wheat imports. Studies show that every day 4.9 million loaves of bread are going to waste in Turkey. This means 1.7 billion loaves are wasted yearly.

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