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Trends in Bakery Industry

Today, great changes experienced in consumers’ lifestyles result in spread of diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases, and people therefore give more importance to healthy and well-balanced nutrition. As in other areas of food industry, many machine manufacturers in bakery industry try to pay attention to expectations and needs of customers and consumers while developing new machinery.

kapakIn Anatolia where bread production has been carried out for 8,000 years, human kind has developed production technologies. Thanks to great progress experienced in the industry for the last 150 years, very different types of pasta and bakery products are produced. Industrial bakeries taking place of neighborhood bakeries previously common, then boutique bakeries entered the sector. Selection of technology in pasta and bakery industry is connected with the product. If you plan to produce artisan bread or half-baked products, you should have different and industrial machinery. Besides, companies that are acting within the scope of hygiene practices required for providing quality products to consumers and that do not comprise on quality, always keep up with investing technology parallel with developments in the world.

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