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Ülker Bisküvi contributed 21.6 billion liras to Turkish income

Ülker Bisküvi has released its report, “the Contribution to Turkey’s Sustainable Growth Strategy.” According to the report, Ülker Bisküvi has contributed 21.6 billion TL to the national income of Turkey between 2013 and 17.  “The Contribution to Turkey’s Sustainable Growth Report” of Ülker Bisküvi by Profesor Kerem Alkin and Profesor Metin Gürler has been released. In the report, the importance …

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Ergin ÜNVER – Ziraat Yüksek Mühendisi In the previous issue of our magazine, I gave information about the ahi and guild systems as well as wheat and flour which constitutes the raw material of bread in the Ottoman State. I mentioned that bread was deemed as “sacred bread” and written down the regulation prepared for flour and bread. I shared with you …

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Defining Flour Water Absorption With High-Precision Dosage

Jürgen Willmann BRABENDER® GmbH & Co. KG Aqua-Inject, Brabender’s new automatic water dosing system, measures the flow rate of water dosed through a miniaturized rotary turbine. Performing dosing with a high level of precision, Aqua-Inject simplifies operations for laboratory staff while reducing investment costs. In the literal meaning of “on top”, Brabender now introduces its automated water dosing system for …

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Flour And Bred Production And Legislation In The Ottoman Empire

Ergin ÜNVER Agricultural Engineer “During the Ottoman Period, ahi orders applied for disciplining and controlling, production, marketing and penalization of wheat, flour, and almost all foods and supplies. Since bread was accepted as sacred with the increase in the population in the country, and treading on materials that spill around during production was considered a sin, the workers had to …

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