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Increasing Demand for Bread and Bakery Products Will Bolster Additive Market


“Bread improvers are traditionally used to reduce the time required for flour dough to rise and to enhance its workability. However, with heavy investment in R&D, new practices are emerging rapidly. For instance, when certain enzymes, are added to the dough, it reduces the protein solubility. Thus, they enhance both taste and nutritional profile of the product. Some of the …

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Pasta, Biscuit and Bakery Products in Brazil


As the fifth largest country in the world by area, the sixth largest by population, and nineth biggest economy, Brazil is a major producer, consumer, and exporter of a wide range of agricultural products. It is one of the world’s biggest agricultural powerhouses. Agribusiness is the key driver of the Brazilian economy. Brazil is one of the leading global players …

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DeutscheBack will show its competence all along the production chain at IBA 2018


 Competence in baking to meet the demands of profitability, health awareness and nutritional trends. New solutions reduce the addition of gluten, prevent acrylamide formation and permit trend products with a higher protein and micronutrient content.   Together with its sister companies Mühlenchemie and SternEnzym, DeutscheBack GmbH & Co. KG will present solutions for the whole production chain for baked goods …

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Grammage And Price of Bread Are Regulated Against Wastage

israf ayari

With the amendment to the relevant notification by Ministry, the lower limit for bread weight will be lowered to 200 gram while it was 250. The price of one kilo of bread shall not exceed 5 liras. Cihan Kolivar, Secretary General of Union of Bread Industry Employers, stated that the lower limit in bread production is 250 grams now and …

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Industrial Bakery Technologies


The bakery sector was diversified by the advancing technology and the change in consumer habits. Low-weight products with high-diversity replaced the high-weight products with low-diversity. With this change in the industry, producers started to work more professionally on the cooking techniques and diversification. Turkey’s bakery industry has been developing rapidly in recent years. Especially in the last 20-30 years, the …

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Bakers Are Closely Following The Technology

fahri ozer

Fahri Özer from Istanbul Chamber of Bakers; “In Turkey, bread sector includes ovens making production mainly using production materials of medium segment electrical and gaseous ovens and with a wood fire. There is not only manual labor but also machine labor. However, our people mainly choose ovens with stone bases and wood ovens in shaping and baking. We see that …

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The Entire World Is to Taste This Pide

neli pide

Tamer Aktaş, Nelipide Gurme; “As Aktaşlar Lezzet Grubu, we are working to take pide to a certain taste standard in Turkey and to ensure its branding and also to make pide an indispensable element of daily meals, including breakfast. In addition to our restaurants providing service with 5 branches in Ordu and Istanbul, we have an assertive position in the …

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Bread, Pasta and Biscuits in India

hindistanda ekmek

India, one of the most complex countries in the world in terms of ethnicity, has 1652 languages and dialects. 14 languages that are legally recognized by the Constitution are spoken by 91% of the population. Despite the fact that spices and curry sauce are the leading actors of the Indian cuisine, the characteristics of the Indian cuisine is shaped according …

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Competition of The Giants in The Indian Glucose Biscuit Market


As one of the biggest biscuit companies of Indian biscuits sector Parla Products is in competition with ITC and Britannia that are the fast moving consumer goods giants in the glucose biscuits category.  As one of the biggest biscuits producers of India Parle Products is in competition with ITC and Britannia that are the fast moving consumer goods giants in …

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