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World grain prices down by 37 percent compared to 2011


The food prices followed a steady course in 2017 although the prices rose 8 percent, according to the Food and Agricultural Organization, FAO. The grain products index rose by 3.2 percent last year. FAO announced the global food prices. The organization said that the annual increase was 3.2 percent although Wheat Price Index has showed stability for three months. Food …

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Barilla who endeared pasta to world turns 140 years


Italian food giant Barilla that was founded in Parma in 1877 as a bread and pasta shop celebrated its 140th anniversary. The world’s pasta maker Italian Barilla celebrates its 140th anniversary as a brand. Barilla started its journey as a bread and pasta maker in a small shop. But now, the company has turned into a food giant that work …

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Murat Ülker reacts against speculation on share sale


Murat Ülker, CEO of Yıldız Holding, reacted against speculations on social media about the sale of 30 percent share of Ülker Biscuit, worth 2 billion Turkish liras, to London-based Pladis. Murat Ülker, CEO of Yıldız Holding, issued a press statement containing eleven points to explain the sale. “Thanks to this sale, we are able to produce and export to Pladis …

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Karataş becomes stronger with R&D center


Karataş Heat Engineering Company became another firm to establish and R&D Center following other successful companies at home and abroad. Karataş Heat Engineering Company is granted an R&D Center Certification by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Efe Türker, CEO and General Manager of Karataş Heat Engineering Company, said the firm pays great importance to R&D studies since its …

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Industrial kitchen exporters to form new association


Glassware and industrial kitchen exporters, once part of Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters’ Association, IDDMIB, started to form a new association. Ahmet Gürkaynak, Chairman of Commercial Kitchen, Laundry and Catering Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors Association, TUSID, said efforts before the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TİM) and the Ministry of Economy have been ongoing to establish the Turkish Glassware and Industrial …

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Turkish Exporters’ Assembly gives reward to Simit Sarayı


Turkish Exporters’ Assembly selected Simit Sarayı as the biggest service exporter in gastronomy category.  The 500 Top Service Exporters survey carried out by the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly revealed that Simit Sarayı ranks the first in its sector. Simit Sarayı is selected as Turkey’s top service exporter in the gastronomy category. In total three largest exporters from 17 sectors are awarded. …

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Pasta makers at top of Turkey’s rising leaders’ list


Three companies in the pasta sector are listed among top 100 firms in “Turkey’s rising leaders’ list.” Beşler Pasta tops the list. Pasta companies marked the dynamic company survey jointly conducted by Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TURKONFED) and London Stock Exchange. Beşler Pasta tops ‘Turkey’s rising leaders’ list. Additionally, Oba and Mutlu Pasta appeared on the list, showing the …

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Those companies with an eye on future works without making any sacrifice on quality and that act within hygiene rules in order to offer good quality products to customers make an investment on technology in parallel to development in the world. However, there has been a quality problem in bread due to the usage of the poor quality product and …

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Only quality prevents waste of bread

semih bayraktar

“Without any doubt, our mills do not produce poor quality flour. A sector that sells flour to the world cannot have that success without producing quality flour. Now, mills can distinguish wheat down to the last detail. In order to reduce cost, bakers use the poorest quality part that we can call wheat pulp. At the end, this is supply …

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Bakery sector has left the quality control to flour factories


“Substantial investments have been made in R&D laboratories for quality control in the biscuit and pasta sectors. Yet, it is not possible to say the same for the bakery sector. We have very important companies producing biscuits and pasta on the world scale. The bakery sector, on the other hand, does not generally invest in laboratories and quality control although …

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