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Use of Additives in Bakery, Pasta and Biscuit Industry

“The rapidly growing world population and climate change cause difficulties in accessing food. While millions of people die because of malnutrition every year, the sector of bakery, baked goods, biscuit, and pasta shows great efforts to feed people. To prevent waste and to find a solution to malnutrition, the sector uses additives at proper measure determined by the Common Food …

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DeutscheBack will show its competence all along the production chain at IBA 2018

 Competence in baking to meet the demands of profitability, health awareness and nutritional trends. New solutions reduce the addition of gluten, prevent acrylamide formation and permit trend products with a higher protein and micronutrient content.   Together with its sister companies Mühlenchemie and SternEnzym, DeutscheBack GmbH & Co. KG will present solutions for the whole production chain for baked goods …

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Flour, the inevitable part of the today’s processed food sector, is the raw material of bread varieties garnishing the shelves of the bakery shops, baked goods filling a big proportion of supermarket shelves, and products such as confectionary, noodle, pasta, and wafer. The food additives used for the fortification of flour which has a wide range of use is being …

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Pasta, Biscuit and Bakery Products in Iran

Iranian cuisine includes very distinctive tastes and has a feel of Middle Asian cuisines. Containing overtones from the Persian cuisine, Iran has an effect on the different cultures it hosts. Pilau and bread are among the indispensable meals of the Iranian cuisine. The most delicious food in Iran is bread. Sangak, barbari, taftoon, and lavash rank among the most popular …

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Pasta, Biscuit and Bakery Products In Russia

There have been a variety of products in those countries where the saying, “bread is the beginning of all” finds its place. Bread is one of the most consumed foods in Russia that many people are involved in production. According to this culture, everything can be lost, money can be wasted and the life would be upside down; but if …

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Youth Employment Increasing In Bakery

The project titled “Increasing the Employment of Young People in the Bakery Sector”, which aims to increase the employment of young people in the bread sector, has attracted great interest. The opening of the project titled “Increasing the Employment of Young People in the Bakery Sector”, which has been prepared through the cooperation of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Food and Feed …

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