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BBM Magazine adopted it as a mission to become an assertive and prestigious publication that conveys the latest developments in the world bakery, pasta and biscuits market; features the innovations and technologies needed in the sector; provides information about the bakery, biscuits and pasta consumption habits and cultures of various regions in the world; follows international events related to the sectors and shares with the readers the information it acquires in these events.

Please subscribe to read BBM Magazine regularly which is published by Parantez Media for bakery, biscuit and pasta industry in English and Turkish.

1-year (6 ISSUES) subscription fee of  BBM Magazine is 150 USD.

In order to subscribe BBM Magazine, please fill the “Subscription Form” and fax it with the payment receipt to +90 212 212 02 04. You can access to the Bank Account information to which you can make payment from the “Subscription Form”.

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