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Simit Sarayı to open 50 shops in Algeria

Simit Sarayı reached a deal to open 50 shops in Algeria. Within this agreement, 50 new shops of Simit Sarayı will be launched. Turkish company will open new shops also in Slovenia and Erbil this year. 

simitsarayi_bbm31Simit Sarayı, which operates in 4 continents of the world, continues to open stores in new countries while growing in current markets. The company reached a deal to open 50 stores in Algeria. Simit Sarayı Chairman Abdullah Kavukcu has signed an agreement with Réda Bourouag, CEO of SPA Groupe Bourouag Construction, one of the biggest investment groups in Algeria. Under the agreement, the Group will open 50 new Simit Sarayı stores within a short period of time.

Slovenia became the new focus of Simit Sarayı which opened 8 stores in Serbia in 2017. Simit Sarayı reached deal with Al-Faris Group which is active in the service sector including tourism. Adnan Supuk, CEO of Al-Faris, said the first shop will be opened in March in Slovenia. The company entered into Iraqi market by opening shops in Baghdad in 2017; the new address will be Erbil. The new shop will be at Family Mall in Erbil.

“We decide by selecting the franchise and partnership offers from different countries,” Abdullah Kavukcu, CEO of Simit Sarayı, said. He said that he wants to see the company among the top five within short period of time. For the time being, the company is considered to be among the top ten companies.

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