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Simit Sarayı opens seven shops in Istanbul Airport

Simit Sarayı opens seven shops in Istanbul Airport

Simit Sarayı has started to welcome its guests by opening seven stores in newly inaugurated Istanbul Airport, which is set to become the biggest center of world aviation.

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan inaugurated the first phase of new Istanbul Airport that will be an example for the world from its size to infrastructure, security systems to architecture. The opening ceremony was held on the day of Republican Day, October 29th. On that day, Simit Sarayı began to welcome its guest with seven shops in the new airport.
Simit Sarayı reached a different segment of customers by launching stores in shopping malls, airports, universities, public offices, stadiums, fairs, hospitals, petrol station, metro and train stations, housing estates, and retail streets. Now, it has shops in the domestic and international flight lines of Istanbul Airport. The company has shops in twenty-five countries.
Abdullah Kavukcu, CEO of Simit Sarayı, has participated in the opening ceremony and said the company’s investment to the new airport will go on. “We open Simit Sarayı shops in the important center around the world. We have shops in transit centers, especially in airports in different countries. We will provide service in global scale at Istanbul Airport that we expect it to become the center for the world aviation,” he said. Kavukcu stated that the airport has the structure that all brands would like to open shops, adding that, “As the new phases of the airport come into effect, we will increase our store numbers.”

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