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Simit Sarayı opens its biggest European branch in London

Continuing its growth at abroad, Simit Sarayı launched 500 square meter shop at Leicester Square, known as London’s most important cultural and entertainment center. simit sarayi2

Simit Sarayı that targets to launch 100 shops in 2018 at abroad continues its growth. Simit Sarayı opened a branch at London’s Leicester Square, the world’s prominent tourism center. Simit Sarayı, with its 500 square meter area, was both a taste and a pleasure point for its guests. Leicester Square, home to the world’s most exclusive cinemas, especially Hollywood films, is also known as one of the most important cultural and entertainment centers.
Simit Sarayı was opened at Leicester 1 in Leicester Square, one of the city’s most visible digital advertising spaces. In this way, the company has added a new store to the world’s most popular centers. The huge screen at Leicester 1, home to some of the world’s most famous brands, has an area of about a tennis court size. Designed and implemented by the architectural team of Simit Sarayı, the store gained the guests’ liking with its visuality and spacious atmosphere.
Simit Sarayı opened stores in 22 countries, including America, Germany, the Netherland, Serbia, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia and their most famous cities and major squares. In addition, the company aims to increase the number of stores in the UK’s capital city London to 40 by the end of this year.

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