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R&D IN Bakery, Pasta and Biscuit Industries

Industry 4.0 such as artificial intelligence, cloud, algorithms, robots used in production and machines communicating among themselves has become a must for every kind of production. This technology is indispensable for the bakery, biscuit and pasta sector. There are successful examples of the applications in biscuit, pasta, and bakery sectors in many developed countries; however, we have a chance to see the examples of Industry 4.0 applications in Turkey, albeit insufficient.  Transitions to this technology have been achieved, especially in large biscuit and pasta producers and some large industrial bakeries. However, we cannot use the technology reached by our machine manufacturers in terms of R&D and innovation, especially in the bakery sector.


In the food sector, bakeries want to achieve more with less. So, all partners of the sector look for modern and efficient equipment that reduces time. Whatever the size or type of your business, perhaps, you have similar aims. It is always ideal to have equipment that can do more for you at less cost.

Therefore, machine manufacturers always aim to produce better and more productive products with continuous innovation and R&D activities. These companies show efforts by taking into account the increasing energy costs. Do not forget that equipment that is flawless and well-designed and uses low energy does not waste time and money and keeps you one step ahead of your competitors. Besides, more than ever, we see surprising ways in which technology can renew the food industry. Today, many types of equipment have automatic features, presets, and other intelligent technologies that can help with product quality, time savings, and labor costs.

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