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Middleby will continue to grow with company acquisitions

“To strengthen our position in the market place has always been our focus and acquisitions is part of this strategy, as long as it adds value to us and our customers. The companies we are targeting either offer advanced technology, giving us access to a new market, or complementing other companies in our group. Organic growth as well as growth through acquisition will continue being our path forward.”


Amr Jammaly

Middle East and Africa Regional Director of Middleby’s Food Processing Division

US-based Middleby Corporation, the products of which are used in one of every three restaurants around the world, is regarded as one of the leading equipment manufacturers in the field of commercial food services, food processing and residential kitchen industries. Brands of the company’s Middleby Bakery Group produce machinery for bread, cookies, cakes, biscuits, cereals, cooked snacks and many more. Product range includes dough mixing, shaping, lamination as well as cooling and industrial cooking. In addition, it offers automatic solutions for slicing and packaging.

We talked to Amr Jammaly, Middle East and Africa Regional Director of Middleby’s Food Processing Division, who says “Our company acts with the awareness that it sells trust, not products, to its customers with whom we have been working for years. Trust is the reason that we are the world leader in commercial cooking equipments”. Jammaly said the company will continue to grow with acquisitions, adding that Turkey market is important for them and they will increase growth in this market.

Here are the answers of Amr Jammaly, who notes that they keep improving bakery and commercial kitchen industry with speed, energy-saving and environment-friendly, advanced cooking innovations:

Mr. Amr Jammaly, can you give us some information about the activities of The Middleby Bakery Group?
Middleby Bakery Group consists of ten baking equipment companies providing turnkey solutions for the global baking industry. Our offering includes lines for production of buns, tin bread, artisan bread, cookie & crackers, biscuits, cake and even dog food. Our group has a combined experience of over 450 years and some of our companies goes all the way back to the very first industrial baking lines introduced in the 1900 century. Stewart Systems, Baker Thermal Solutions, Spooner-Vicars, Auto-Bake, Sveba-Dahlen, Burford, Scanico, Hinds-Bock and Varimixer are famous brands associated with Middleby Bakery Group. We have over 2,500 industrial installations Worldwide. Our expertise lays in the thermo technology and we have the widest range of baking ovens to offer of any supplier, covering all needs of baking through conveyorized ovens, tunnel oven, tray ovens, serpentine ovens and even small rack and deck ovens.

Can you give some information about the size of the company, annual production amount and export?
Middleby Bakery Group has more than 10 sales offices around the World covering over 100 countries with sales, service and spare part needs. The bakery group has around 850 employees and more than 200M USD turnover with more than 50% coming from outside the US.

The acquisition is a key factor in your growth and strength. You acquired many companies in the last one year. Do you plan to continue that growth strategy?
To strengthen our position in the market place has always been our focus and acquisitions is part of this strategy, as long as it adds value to us and our customers. The companies we are targeting either offer advanced technology, giving us access to a new market, or complementing other companies in our group. Organic growth as well as growth through acquisition will continue being our path forward.

Why are your products being preferred in the global scale? What is the top feature distinguishing you from your rivals? In which regions are you active the most?
Middleby is a technology driven company where energy efficiency, product quality & consistency, reliability and reduced cost of ownership and operation are setting the direction of our development. We offer “Best in Class” Turnkey Bakery Solutions. Where we don’t carry our own equipment, we work with partners that are considered the best in its field. Middleby Baker Group invested 2.5 mi USD last year in a Bakery Innovation Center (BIC), located at our headquarters in Plano, Texas. The BIC is a test bakery for product development with master bakers on staff, working together with our customers. The BIC is filled with equipment from our bakery group, which includes mixers, make up for bread and bun, many types of industrial ovens, and much more. We also offer training classes and seminars covering topics relevant to our customer in order to follow trends and being in the forefront of the industry.

With regards to your questions about regions we are most active, let me tell you If you ate or drank something today, there’s a good chance Middleby played a role in its preparation. Bakers using our equipment are producing the most desirable baked products one can imagine and becomes quickly the market leader. Middleby Bakery Group is a global company covering most industrial countries in the World.

What is your investment plans and targets towards this market? Is there any acquisition plan regarding Turkish or Middle East companies in the near future?
We have many successful installations with key bakery players in Turkey. Middleby has local offices in Europe, Dubai and India to support the Middle East and Turkey. We are also working with agents such as Medley, Interkom and Oztiryakiler in Turkey, which is an important complement in servicing our customers locally on a daily basis. Middle East and Turkey is an important region to us and we will continue growing in these markets.

Can you give us some information about the technology you make use of during the production?
For make up equipment we can offer extrusion dividers and volumetric dividers for bread and bun. Middleby Bakery Group’s ovens use many different heating technologies, such as direct gas fired, indirect gas fired, hybrids, electric, thermo-oil and cyclo thermic heating. The heating source is normally natural gas, but is also available in LPG, light diesel and electric. We have developed a new humidity conditioning system for our proofers that doesn’t require steam from a boiler. These systems are very energy efficient and will save thousands of dollars. The Stewart conveyorized oven can be equipped with an optional lube-free chain, that doesn’t require lubrication and will save the user a considerably amount of money in oil and maintenance.

Baker Thermal Solutions offers the widest baking tunnel oven in the world with a unique combination of convection, Infra-Red (IR) and radiant heat. Burford Seeders have set the benchmark in the industry guaranteeing a specific percentage of seed coverage per square cm. Spooner Vicars Apex Laminating Line has elevated the line from one that was already highly efficient to now having the highest level of hygiene for laminated cookie and cracker doughs. Hinds Bock offers high speed depositing of liquids and batters at some of the highest accuracy available all in hygienic design. We have many other new technologies to offer, just contact us we will be happy to show you how we can save you even more.

You are a company which is active in many parts of the world. What are the popular trends in the bakery nowadays? According to your observation, producers in which country use the latest technology?
We have seen an increasingly interest in our conveyorized oven technology for baking of tin bread. 40% our conveyorized ovens the past two years have been assigned to bread baking, while before, it was just a handful sold for this purpose. The conveyorized oven is very energy efficient and offers an even and consistent product that is difficult to achieve in a tunnel oven. Another factor in the baking process of a Stewart conveyorized oven is the unique control of heat, where the exact amount of Btu can be applied in each zone to achieve the ideal baking profile.

The Auto-Bake Serpentine bakery system offers a compact footprint, energy efficiency, and robotic loading and unloading. This solution provides the lowest cost of ownership available in the bakery space today. We are also launching “Middleby Connect” starting with Sveba-Dahlen, which will provide a connected platform designed to digitize product information and provide our customers with a better user experience along with more uptime as a result.

What do you do to improve your customers’ productivity?
Our lines are designed for 24/7 operation and are fully automated with very limited operator intervention which improves efficiency and reduces waste. Many of our customers run at 98% or better efficiency. Our equipment follows international standards and recommendations for food safety and hygienic design. The production lines are equipment with food safety check points throughout the process in order to guarantee maximum food safety and security to the consumer.

Would you like to add anything else?
Come and learn more about Middleby Bakery Group at the IBA Bakery show is Munich in September, GulFood in November, Modern Bakery show in Moscow in March 2019 and at the IBIE show in Las Vegas in 2019.

You can also learn more about our company by visiting our website:

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