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Huge investment thrust and record rise by Oba Makarna

Oba Makarna that received incentive certificate in April has got attention with two big investment steps. The company received incentives for two investments, 400 million and 230 million lira respectively. Accelerating its investment, the company climbed up 53 lines at ISO 500 and 28 lines at the First 1000 Exporter Companies – 2017. oba

According to the Ministry of Finance’s data, 515 investment project received incentive certificate around the country in April, and three of these were awarded to the pasta sector. Two of these investments will be realized by Oba Makarna, Gaziantep’s well-established brand. The company will open a facility in Gaziantep and another facility in Sakarya. The company project 400 million Turkish liras of investment for Gaziantep facility while it will invest 230 for Sakarya facility. With these facilities, the company will have additional 750 million kilogram per year capacity. The company will provide employment for 75 people in total.
Oba Makarna has kept its leadership in the pasta sector, according to the Istanbul Chamber of Industry’s research on ‘Turkey’s Biggest 500 Industrial Enterprises.’ Oba Makarna is listed at 198th at this research. In 2016, the pasta company was listed at 251th. The latest research revealed that the company climbed 53 lines. The company aims to be listed among the first 100 biggest companies in Turkey.
The company realized a similar boost in export’s figures. According to the First 1000 Exporter Company-2017 research conducted by the Turkey Exporters Assembly, the most exporting pasta company was Oba Food. In 2016, the company ranked 133rd on the list with exports of 98 million 766 thousand dollars. Oba Food increased its export by 39.5 percent in a year and had 137 million 775 thousand dollars in an external sale. The company climbed 28 places in the list in this way, ranking 105th.

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