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German firm wins bread factory tender in Istanbul


 German Fritsch Bakery Systems is claimed to win the tender for the establishment of the Public Bread Factory, which was established by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality fourth years ago to provide bread to low-incomers.FRITSCH

Construction efforts to establish thirty-square-meters facility for the Public Bread Factory at Hadımköy by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality have been ongoing. Recently, the municipality’s parliament has approved the bread factory’s request to domestic borrowing demand, worthy of 26 million Turkish liras.

Hakkı Sağlam, a member of the Republican People’s Party at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Parliament, claimed that a German firm has won the tender to provide 132.9 million Turkish liras worthy of equipment for the new factory. According to the Turkish Tender website, German Fritsch Bakery Systems signed an agreement with Istanbul Public Bread Inc. worthy of 22 million Turkish liras. The German firm signed another agreement, worthy of 111 million Turkish liras, last November, according to the news. In total, the worthy of these agreements are 133 million Turkish liras.

A Turkish, a Dutch and two German firms participated in the Public Bread Factory’s tender. These companies are: Rademaker B.V., Fritsch Bakery Systems GmbH, Diosna Dierks & Söhne GmbH and Patent Mühendislik- Esir Mühendislik-Yılmaz Elektrik joint venture. Initially, three-production lines will be purchased for the factory in Hadımköy. These production lines will be increased according to the demand in the future. Every production line includes five-units: silo and dosing, production of sourdough and pre-sour, mixer, lamination, yeasting and industrial-type tunnel oven.

İstanbul Public Bread is expected to announce the result of the tender soon.

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