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From a bread master: “First Supper in Paradise”

Mine Ataman, who is well known for her researches about the history of the bread,  wrote a new book called “Cennette İlk Sofra” (First Supper in Paradise). Ataman says the bread has a history of 1200 years in Anatolia.

cennette ilk sofra

You can find the history of more than a thousand of years in Anatolia, the journey of the bread from seed to wheat, magical and talismanic adventure of humankind in the book titled “Cennette İlk Sofra” (First Supper in Paradise) by Mine Ataman, a bread lover writer. Ataman is known as “The Bread Whisperer Lady” in the sector. This bread master lady breaks the mold about bread in her book with a fabulous style.
Don’t get this book wrong. It does not only appeal to the gastronomy sector. It is indeed a motivational book from the heart of the life. The book contains mythological stories as well as story of the human of the modern era. This book is a peaceful refuge for people who want to discover themselves and it is written by a bread master who also gives motivational courses within a program called Leavened with Love.
As a wise storyteller, Mine Ataman carries wheat and bread heritage of Anatolia into the future. The book is dedicated to Gobeklitepe, a prehistoric site which is located in modern day Turkey. It is believed that modern wheat was first domesticated there. Hidden truths about bread and wheat scientific proofs in the book. You can also find how Turkish bread penetrated into the world cuisine.

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