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Pasta, Biscuit and Bakery Products in Brazil


As the fifth largest country in the world by area, the sixth largest by population, and nineth biggest economy, Brazil is a major producer, consumer, and exporter of a wide range of agricultural products. It is one of the world’s biggest agricultural powerhouses. Agribusiness is the key driver of the Brazilian economy. Brazil is one of the leading global players …

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The Role of Bread and Pasta in Famine Relief


Today, 55% of world population live in urban areas of Africa and South East Asia where hunger and poverty are intensified. By the year 2020 population rate of those regions are expected to increase to 68%. In addition to this, 80% of food are consumed in urban areas. As rapid urbanization continues, policies and actions for healthy food access for …

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The Effects of the Climate Change on Raw Materials


“Warning of disasters as a result of climate change is given for the near future, but these disasters are happening these days. Unusual climate events have been becoming usual. Disasters caused by excessive rainfall are experienced one after the other. Hurricanes very rarely experienced in Turkey and neighboring countries previously are now a part of everyday talk because of climate …

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özel dosya

“When Turkey gains a significant amount of its revenues from machinery manufacturing and technology, its competitiveness will draw global attention. Turkey is a country that is specialized in machinery manufacturing with a  robust technical and engineering knowledge. If our industrialists choose their solution partners among Turkish machinery manufacturers, they will be free from being foreign-dependent. They can develop in-house technologies. …

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“Since bakery products are key elements of the international food market, the bakery industry is experiencing a phase of quick change and the healthy eating trends and the consumer preferences for high quality products must be considered. The most important attribute for Y-generation when shopping in retail, is “freshness”. The term relates not only to when the food was prepared, …

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The World’s Dry Pasta Market and Trends


The pasta, which every society has easy access, eliminates the misconception that healthy foods must be expensive. Turkish people consumed 700 thousand tons of pasta while the world consumed 15 million tons of pasta in the last year. On pasta’s production and its export, Turkey has been in competition with Italy. Because of the quota imposed across the European Union’s …

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Bakery Sector in Istanbul, its Problems, and Solution Suggestions


The Istanbul Idea Academy (IDA), founded by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, provided a clear insight of the bakery sector. Generally concentrating its effort on sectors’ development, IDA shed light on the bakery sector with its study, “Bakery Sector in Istanbul, its Problems and Solution Suggestions.” As a part of the study, the academy conducted a survey with 219 bakeshops and …

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World Biscuit Market and Trends

Recipes+ guarantee, better baking - Part 1: Biscuits - Monte Carlo biscuits

While demand for nutrition is increasing worldwide, biscuit consumption is rising accordingly. Demand for biscuits in the snack category has been increasing every day because of active life, women’s active participation into the business life, spending less time for cooking homemade food, and increased income level. Producers pay importance to this market that has been growing rapidly throughout the world. …

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The fresh pasta market and sectoral developments


Italian-originated fresh pasta is gradually spreading in the world. It is increasingly being preferred in Turkey as well. Fresh pasta dough, which is made of durum wheat semolina, egg, and water, can be used to make pasta products of various shapes with or without filling. Ravioli, tortellini and other filled fresh pasta varieties are produced together with the fillings prepared …

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World Bread Market and Trends

dunya ekmek pazari

Regardless of the level of income and status, ethnicity or age group, many people eat bread and hold it dear.  It is the main reason of daily grueling and is a reflection of cultures of all regions and territories. Wheat and bread constituted people’s essential food. A slice of bread sometimes is the reflection of wealth while sometimes it represents …

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