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Warehouse pests cause 30 percent loss of crops


“We provide efficient solutions in rodent control in addition to pest and rhubarb fight for the food industry and particularly companies in Horeca. When we look at the factory floor, meaning storages in which crops are stored, we develop solutions to keep organisms that we name as warehouse pests under control. After the harvest, it is required to protect the …

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We will get into the Middle East market via Turkey


Can Karakuş, Turkish Marketing Manager of La Lorraine: “As La Lorraine, we use a technology named BAKE OFF.  We prepare the bread with all its special ingredients and bake it 80 percent and then deep-freeze it at – 30 degrees. Then, we store the product. Without breaking the cold chain, we deliver it to the sale point. It has one year …

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“We reach for the clouds thanks to our production technology and never giving in character”


“Our country has covered a lot of ground at pasta industry. Now we have a voice with Italy and other pasta producing countries in terms of production and raw materials. I think this phenomenon is driven competitiveness and industriousness of Turkish people that never give in. This may be the main factor for our companies’ success. Furthermore, our producers are …

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We outdo our rivals with R&D and will grow with exports

mehme nuri er

“The export is very important for us. The money in foreign countries means a lot for us and the country. Our motto is “Memak, strong outside, strong inside.” We determined 2019 as the export year. For this aim, we set up our dealers in Russia. We also set up dealers in India and Israel. We have a dealer in Europe. …

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Turkey and Middle East are stable and primary markets for us


“FRITSCH Bakery Systems has more than 25 years of experience in the turnkey sector. During this period, projects have been successfully developed and implemented on every continent of the world. Our big advantage is to dispose of the expertise how the individual machines must be designed for forming a perfectly working complete production line. Only if everything is adapted correctly, …

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Middleby will continue to grow with company acquisitions


“To strengthen our position in the market place has always been our focus and acquisitions is part of this strategy, as long as it adds value to us and our customers. The companies we are targeting either offer advanced technology, giving us access to a new market, or complementing other companies in our group. Organic growth as well as growth …

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FIMAK will grow in the American and African markets


“Just like in Europe, our industry customers in Turkey tend to get smaller. [Customers] save money and space by using frozen products in smaller areas instead of having large areas. Depending on the size of a city, there will be small and middle-sized bakeries apart from a couple of big industrial enterprises. The product range will go up. Through this …

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“I wish the UK consumes as much bread as Turkey”


“Despite a small decrease in recent years, the consumption level of bread in Turkey is excellent. Turkey’s consumption is three times more than the UK. I wish the UK consumed that much. However, the UK and the rest of Europe, there are concerns with diet and misinformation. In fact, I heard the same concern here in Turkey. Still, I wish …

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Entire Turkey will taste the einkorn bread


“Some nutritionists and dietitians advise people not to eat bread while some others advise them to eat three, two slices or one slice. There is too much disinformation that makes people hesitant on what to eat. As Undano, we advise people to eat bread in an understanding of ‘less is more.’ I don’t think that bread will cause harm to …

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