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Covery Story

Covery Story

Use of Additives in Bakery, Pasta and Biscuit Industry


“The rapidly growing world population and climate change cause difficulties in accessing food. While millions of people die because of malnutrition every year, the sector of bakery, baked goods, biscuit, and pasta shows great efforts to feed people. To prevent waste and to find a solution to malnutrition, the sector uses additives at proper measure determined by the Common Food …

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Increasing Demand for Bread and Bakery Products Will Bolster Additive Market


“Bread improvers are traditionally used to reduce the time required for flour dough to rise and to enhance its workability. However, with heavy investment in R&D, new practices are emerging rapidly. For instance, when certain enzymes, are added to the dough, it reduces the protein solubility. Thus, they enhance both taste and nutritional profile of the product. Some of the …

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Using fortified flour contributes to Sustainable Development Goals


In 2002 when FFI began, 46 countries had mandates to fortify wheat flour, and 18 percent of the world’s industrially milled wheat flour was fortified with at least iron and folic acid. By 2018, 86 countries had legislation to fortify industrially milled wheat flour, and 31 percent of the worlds’ industrially milled flour was fortified. While this is progress, more …

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Fairs are essential parts of marketing efforts in many type businesses ranging from multinational companies to small family businesses. Companies use these fairs as an opportunity to meet existing and potential companies for face-to-face meetings while developing new businesses. Particularly fairs aiming at food sectors host many innovations and visual feast. Paul Woodward, the General Manager of the Global Association …

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IDMA to be held in South America, Africa and Asia following Istanbul


IDMA, one of the world’s largest meeting point of milling machines, cereals and pulses processing industry, is opening up to the world from Turkey, the motherland of wheat. Parantez Group, gathering the sector under its umbrella for the eighth time in Istanbul, decided to organize IDMA in South America, Africa, and Asia following the demands of organizing the fair also …

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Our target is to capture 80 percent of baked goods sector in Turkey


Hüseyin Gürler, Altuntop, Turkey Sales Manager: “As Altuntop Bakery Machines, we are very strong and assertive in Europe. We strive to have a similar success in other countries. Our target is to capture 80 percent of the baked goods sector in Turkey and to bring brand recognition to the top level and to be among the top five-ten companies that do …

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Interest in fairs reached the highest level of the last five years


Further turnover increases expected for 2019 in all four regions of the world, despide significant geographical differences. Ever more companies look to take their business into new countries and regions, including a majority of European players.  The exhibition industry appears to be aware of the need to develop the “entertainment” component of exhibitions for the younger attendees, with differing regional …

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“Frozen foods are deep frozen foods that can be stored for an extended period of time and can be used after a long time. Ready-made frozen food sector has especially been growing in Europe and become the leader product segment of  the global market. One can claim that hygiene and time saving advantages of ready-made frozen food products made it …

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SuperFresh to grow in the global market with Turquality support


Kerevitaş – the leading company in Turkey’s frozen food – now has Turquality’s backing with SuperFresh brand. With the Turquality program, the company wants to carry the recognition of SuperFresh to abroad. We export SuperFresh brand products to twenty-nine countries in four continents. We aim to increase our company’s target with the help of Turquality program. Zeynep Dilmen Kerevitaş, General …

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Clear opportunities for frozen dough cookies


“The TruClean™ Frozen Dough Wirecut produces the full range of cookies – bite size to gourmet, from 46 to 121mm. It handles most types of soft dough, including sticky or chunky dough. It can incorporate large inclusions and toppings for gourmet varieties. Outputs extend from 225 to 4,500kg/hr, and machines range from 400mm wide units for the craft sector to …

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