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Belgian La Lorraine to invest 20 million euros in Manisa

Belgian La Lorraine, which entered into Turkish baked goods market in 2016 with an investment of 33 million Euros, decided to make another investment. The company will invest 20 million Euros in 2018.


Active for seventy-nine years as a family company in baked goods, cake, and bakery sector as a one hundred percent Belgian company, La Lorraine Baked Goods Group has twelve production facilities; nine of them are in Belgium while the rest are at Czech Republic, Romania, and Poland.
While rushing to the aim of one billion euros around the world, the thirteenth facility is at Manisa, a Turkish city. The facility was built at fourth decare area and has twenty thousand closed space at Manisa’s organized industrial zone. With its state-of-art technology, the facility has become one of most eye-catching facilities among others.
Saying that La Lorraine is a good example for other foreign investors, Burak Deniz, the General Manager of La Lorraine Turkey, said that, “Turkey has been going a delicate period in which everybody feels that they have to do more. As La Lorraine brand, since 2016, we reached six thousand five hundred points at hotel, restaurant, coffee chains, and supermarket which we name as HORECA and we served qualified, value-added, and quality products. We brought vitality and dynamism to our sector. Our brand is ambitious particularly at bread and baked goods, and customers loved these products. At this point, we are determined to make an investment in research and development and our facilities and to develop categories in which we have been active. In the light of these developments, we decided to make 20 million euros investment with our confidence into our country and sector. We hope that this investment will be beneficial to our country’s economy and sector.”

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