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45-year-old Filiz pasta renewed with a special blend


Filiz pasta has been completely renovated in its 45th year. After R&D works and consumer surveys around Turkey, a new special blend has been developed. The new blend shines out with its texture, cooking quality, and consistency. Filiz, the popular brand of Turkish cuisine, further developed the quality and taste of pasta in its 45th year. Filiz has realized many …

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Machine sector requests to be designated as a strategic sector


Kutlu Karavelioğlu, Chairman of Machine Exporters’ Union, said that the machine sector should be among the strategic sectors and backed with trade policies in line with the New Economic Program.  The machine sector of Turkey has increased its export to the United States, the UK, Italia, and France substantially in the first four months of the year and increased its …

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Compact Bread Baking System by WP BakeryGroup


WP BakeryGroup presented the Compact Bread Baking System in the Baker’s Equipment section. It is composed of a WP Kemper Imperator CT II dough divider and a Superba Kompakt round and long moulder. Dividing with accurate weights, gentle processing, quick and thorough cleaning: these are the features of the Compact Bread Bakıng System, a clever combination of the Imperator CT …

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Ülker Bisküvi contributed 21.6 billion liras to Turkish income


Ülker Bisküvi has released its report, “the Contribution to Turkey’s Sustainable Growth Strategy.” According to the report, Ülker Bisküvi has contributed 21.6 billion TL to the national income of Turkey between 2013 and 17.  “The Contribution to Turkey’s Sustainable Growth Report” of Ülker Bisküvi by Profesor Kerem Alkin and Profesor Metin Gürler has been released. In the report, the importance …

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TAB Gıda to grow with Usta Pideci


TAB Gıda, the fast food restaurants chain in Turkey, has created its new brand: Usta Pideci. The company opened three restaurants in three different regions of Turkey. What distinguishes Usta Pideci from its rivals is that the restaurant serves satisfying products at a reasonable price. TAB Gıda opened its restaurants in Akbatı AVM, Malatya Park AVM, and Adapazarı Agora AVM. …

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It is time for leavened pastry and cake with Pakmaya


Cake Dough that includes yeast and which was developed by Pakmaya helps cook cake with natural yeast without adding baking powder and sugared vanilla. Pakmaya Leavened Cake Dough introduced in two types – plain and cacao – is added to flour directly and fermented in ten minutes. Cakes baked with Pakmaya Leavened Cake Doughs protect its freshness thanks to its …

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Adana Public Bread bakes 320 thousand loaves of bread a day


Zeydan Karalar, Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, visited and examined the Public Bread Facility. Visiting production lines, stores, and facilities, Karalar said that the facilities will intensify its work to provide better service to the public. He said that there are two public bread facilities belonging to Adana Metropolitan Municipality, adding that the facilities bake 310 thousand loaves of bread …

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Nativi becomes BASF Turkish Environmental Health distributor


Turkish company Nativi, which specializes in post-harvest protection products and equipment, has signed a distributorship agreement with BASF, one of the world’s leading chemical companies. Being among the prominent organizations in its area in Turkey, Nativi provides products and equipment solutions to protect crops stored after harvest. The firm, which continues its efforts to further strengthen this strong position, signs …

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Price of Ramadan pita is 3 TL in Istanbul and 2.5 TL in Ankara


The price of Ramadan pita for Istanbul and Ankara has been determined. During Ramadan, 350 gram of Ramadan pita will be sold for 3 TL in Istanbul and 300 gram of Ramadan pita will be sold for 2.5 TL in Ankara.  Preparing for Ramadan for weeks, bakeries in Ankara and Istanbul relieved after the determination of the price of Ramadan …

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IDMA and Ramadan vitality


Mustafa YAĞMURLU Editor Dear readers, We are together with the 32nd issue of BBM Magazine. IDMA, which was held in March during the stagnation of the Turkish economy, and the preparations for the month of Ramadan enlivened the sector. International Flour, Feed, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulgur, Milling Machinery and Pulses, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition, IDMA, which was organized for the …

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