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Ancestry seeds or modern ones?


Ancestry wheat are cultural inheritance elements. They contributed to the history of a region. So we can not compare them with modern seeds. We should see them as the most important element of cultural inheritance. We also have to pay importance to certified seeds, yield, protection against plant diseases and tolerating harsh climate conditions. Our aim should be to transfer …

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Increasing intolerance against bread


“How could wheat, a staple food that has sustained humanity for so long, have suddenly become a threat to our health? The industrial process has been blamed for much of today’s wheat intolerance, as it produces bread that is full of enzymes and preservatives. But laying all the blame on the manufacturing oversimplifies the problem, given that the grains themselves …

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The Stone-Age Taste of Flat Bread

pide taş devri

At the Natufian research site Shubayqa 1 in north-eastern Jordan, a team of archaeologists and ethnologists from the universities of Copenhagen, London and Cambridge have achieved a sensational find: Amaia Arranz-Otaegui, Lara Gonzalez Carretero, Monica Ramsey, Dorian Fuller and Tobias Richter have submitted the first empirical evidence of flat bread loaves made from wild grain varieties1. The 14,000-year-old bread marks …

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The Golden Hair Girl of Mesopotamia: Sorgul Wheat


“Sorgul wheat is the oldest wheat of Mesopotamia. Sorgul means red rose. When taken hands, its color turns into red rather than the typical amber yellow. I think it is given the name of a Kurdish girl due its preciousness. At the beginning of this Sorgul project, my aim was to find local seeds that are needed good agriculture. Particularly …

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Consumer’s Perspective on 2000’s Foods


“Consumers are continuously bombarded with advertisements. People are very confused about many things apart from food and they do not know what to believe. In this darkness, food has an important place since people eat three times per day. Some hold on to tradition; they keep consuming what their parents consumed or what they receive from their villages. Some try …

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“Whole grains control the level of blood glucose and help to reduce fat deposits. Whole grains have low calories, their glycemic index is low; they protect people from obesity as they provide the feeling of fullness through having volume inside the stomach and requiring much mastication. At least three to four servings of whole grain per day reduce the risk …

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“We produce with modern technology and bakery experience”


“We always established long-lasting friendship with our customers. This friendship is much more important than the trade. Together with this relation, they found professional management and service without a glitch. We produce products in line with our customers’ need with experience in bakery and pastry. Our customers do not face with unpleasant surprises thanks to the stable and quality products …

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Which foods wouldn’t our grandmother let in the kitchen?


“Spread out all the food you bought from the grocery store on a table. Think once which foods your grandmother would let in the kitchen or prefer to put into the trash bin. We can pretend that we can fool our body, feed ourselves in a way and meet our needs by consuming fabricated products and shelved products as food. …

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First wisdom at the Garden of Eden, the wise woman


“A wise woman in Göbeklitepe planted a handful of wheat to the ground and revitalized a dinner table.  Do you suppose that the wisdom of bread is furnace? Bread is in the soil and starts with planting and sprouts at harvest and is cooked at the furnace and finds its purpose at a dinner table. At every stop, each component …

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osmanlida ekmek

Ergin ÜNVER - Ziraat Yüksek Mühendisi In the previous issue of our magazine, I gave information about the ahi and guild systems as well as wheat and flour which constitutes the raw material of bread in the Ottoman State. I mentioned that bread was deemed as “sacred bread” and written down the regulation prepared for flour and bread. I shared with you …

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