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“Frozen foods are deep frozen foods that can be stored for an extended period of time and can be used after a long time. Ready-made frozen food sector has especially been growing in Europe and become the leader product segment of  the global market. One can claim that hygiene and time saving advantages of ready-made frozen food products made it …

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SuperFresh to grow in the global market with Turquality support


Kerevitaş – the leading company in Turkey’s frozen food – now has Turquality’s backing with SuperFresh brand. With the Turquality program, the company wants to carry the recognition of SuperFresh to abroad. We export SuperFresh brand products to twenty-nine countries in four continents. We aim to increase our company’s target with the help of Turquality program. Zeynep Dilmen Kerevitaş, General …

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Clear opportunities for frozen dough cookies


“The TruClean™ Frozen Dough Wirecut produces the full range of cookies – bite size to gourmet, from 46 to 121mm. It handles most types of soft dough, including sticky or chunky dough. It can incorporate large inclusions and toppings for gourmet varieties. Outputs extend from 225 to 4,500kg/hr, and machines range from 400mm wide units for the craft sector to …

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New sealing technology for the Flowmodul


“The Flowmodul packages products into flowpacks with unbeatable efficiency, providing high flexibility and quality control while saving space. This innovation has enabled us to fully integrate the flow-wrapping process into our modular machine concept as well. With the Flowmodul, small batch sizes, short product lifecycles and high-level product diversity can be handled more efficiently than ever before. This is what …

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“Turkish Cuisine globalizes with frozen products”


“However, if there were supermarkets only offering frozen products, there will be competition, and the domestic market will revive, and the export will increase. Any company will be able to present their products easily and increase their sales, and so Turkish economy will win in the end. Any company’s quality will become visible, and the frozen market will get enlarged. …

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R&D IN Bakery, Pasta and Biscuit Industries


Industry 4.0 such as artificial intelligence, cloud, algorithms, robots used in production and machines communicating among themselves has become a must for every kind of production. This technology is indispensable for the bakery, biscuit and pasta sector. There are successful examples of the applications in biscuit, pasta, and bakery sectors in many developed countries; however, we have a chance to …

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Improved dough quality thanks to ContiMixTM


Mixing, kneading and forming in one step: The new ContiMix™ dough extruder from Bühler combines these three core processes which are crucial to quality when producing bakery products. End consumers benefit from more intense taste, bigger volume and improved crumb structure in the baked goods. Producers save time and production costs with ContiMix™ and have consistently high quality in their …

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GEA knows how to produce delicacies effectively


“Global food producers understand the need to protect their brands, so when they need to innovate, they often look for the support of a proven technology provider. Development of new food products can be a costly and labor-intensive investment for many customers. Add to that, complex formulation, detailed process design and plant validation, this can become a daunting process for …

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Our aim is to promote Kumkaya’s R&D to the world

kumkaya arge

“As Kumkaya Machine, we develop our products and entire R&D activities under four different customer segments. One of these is the municipality facilities and the industrial lines that meet the need of mass-producing bread factories. The second is what we call “the middle segment” that we manufacture production line and ovens for customers that have limited space. The third segment …

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WP MATADOR with WP NAVIGO 3 with video capability

wp navigo 3

At  the  iba  2018,  the  WP  MATADOR  will  be  presented  using  the  latest  control  system  generation,  WP  NAVIGO  3.  The  control  system  has  video  capability  and  contains  many  other  features  that  simplify  the  operation  of  the  ovens  considerably.  The  traditional  deck  oven,  which  is  renowned  around  the  world  for  its  particularly  high  baking  quality,  celebrates  its  65th  anniversary  this  year. …

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